The Weather Factors You Need To Use For MLB DFS

In no Daily Fantasy Sport is weather a bigger factor than in MLB DFS.  Here’s 5 weather factors to look out for when selecting your MLB DFS players.


Precipitation and chances of thunderstorms are the most important weather factor to monitor when playing Daily Fantasy Baseball.  When we make our player selections we do so assuming our players will see a certain level of opportunities to score fantasy points in a game.  If you draft players in a game that is rained out, whether that be prior to or during the game, those players will lose all or part of the opportunities we expected them to have.  This will of course be detrimental to your lineup.  In games with chances of thunderstorms you should avoid selecting those players in your cash games.  You can however leverage the low ownership’s of these players into profitable tournament plays.

If there’s only a chance of rain and not of a thunderstorm I’m more willing to chance batters in that game, as after a delay they will return to finish the game.  Pitchers however will often not return to the game after a long rain delay, as their arms become ‘stiff’.  Avoid pitchers in games with any reasonable chance of rain in your cash games.



As temperature rises, air density decreases.  Lower air density allows a baseball to travel further.  The extreme effects of low air density can be seen in the home run numbers of Coors Field.  While the effects of high temperatures will not result in Coors Field level home run production at all parks, it will increase the chances of your players hitting home runs.  To read more on this check out The Affects of Temperature in MLB DFS.

Look to draft batters in games with a high temperature.

thermo angels


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Air Density

While temperature has an affect on air density, it is not the only factor.  Atmospheric pressure and humidity also affect Air Density.

  • Atmospheric (Barometric) pressure  is the pressure exerted by the weight of air in the atmosphere.  The greater the atmospheric pressure, the more the air is compressed resulting in an increase in air density.  We want Atmospheric pressure to be as low as possible.
  • Humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air.  Moist air is lighter than dry air, so as humidity increases the air pressure lessens resulting in lower air density.  We want the humidity to be as high as possible for our MLB batters.


The wind at a baseball game can be a huge boost to either the pitchers or batters.  Wind at a pitchers back increases the speed of their pitches, while wind going the opposite direction increases the the speed of a hit ball.  For this reason it’s important to pay attention to both the Wind Speed and the Wind Direction in relation to a baseball stadium.

Look for pitchers with strong win at their backs, as faster pitches are harder to hit.  Look for batters with strong winds towards the outfield as their hits will travel further.  More specifically, look for batters with the wind blowing in the direction they tend to hit the ball.  For example look for strong winds blowing to left field for right handed batters.

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