18 of the Funniest San Francisco 49ers Memes

Everyone loves to hate on the San Francisco 49ers for their performance over recent years.  This has left the attitude of our 49ers meme collection a little bit less than positive.  This is more a page of 49ers suck memes, rather than it is a list 49ers memes for 49ers fans.  That being said, here’s our list of our 18 favorite San Francisco 49ers related memes.  Sorry 49ers fans!

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18 of the Best San Francisco 49ers Memes

  • It’s not really news when it’s the same thing over and over.

San Franciso 49ers meme 9ers still suck

  • I’m going to need a second opinion on this Stevie.
    San Franciso 49ers Meme look good this year
  • I guess you have to try and find something good on your team.
    San Franciso 49ers Meme 49ers fans be like we've got a solid defense
  • The Browns are no better, but i hear they’re offering some nice contracts.

San Franciso 49ers Meme 49ers fans meeting with other teams

  • It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know the 49ers are going to lose.

San Franciso 49ers Meme 49ers Lost Kinda Saw That Coming

  • “We used to be good!”

San Franciso 49ers Meme back to the future

  • You can’t blame this cop.

San Franciso 49ers Meme car crash

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  • An interesting twist on the light bulb joke for 49ers fans.

San Franciso 49ers Meme fans change lightbulb

  • Did this need to be tested?

San Franciso 49ers Meme going to the playoffs test showed that was a lie

  • Sorry son.

San Franciso 49ers Meme Help End Child Abuse Stop Raising 49er Fans

  • Just Do It!  … Oh wait he can’t.

San Franciso 49ers Meme just cant do it

  • When you go to a pawn shop and get more than you had expected.

San Franciso 49ers Meme pawn stars

  • You can’t polish a turd.

San Franciso 49ers Meme Same Shit Different Toilet

  • What the SF logo actually stands for.

San Franciso 49ers Meme season finished

  • Salute to 49ers Fans.

San Franciso 49ers Meme When I See A 49ers Fan

  • It could be worse. *Cough* Browns *Cough*

San Franciso 49ers meme whole nfl at the 49ers

  • Sunday is a day of rest, right?

San Franciso 49ers meme post office have in common

  • I think you’d need more than some Mr. Clean to clean up the 49ers.

San Franciso 49ers meme takes the off the walls

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