How to Use NBAWOWY to Account for Injuries

NBA Daily Fantasy is all about value.  Imagine if the same team played against the same opponent every day, using the same players. If you’re thinking “That sounds boring as shit”, I don’t blame you. However, from a fantasy prospective, that would provide us with a VERY reliable data sample.

Back to reality, the NBA has a huge amount of complicated variables. One of the most vital skills in DFS is determining how these factors will benefit or harm each player. One of the most important variables to understand is player injuries.  It’s obvious that an injury to a player means a change in production for the rest of the players on his team, but how do we quantify these changes?


This is where NBAwowy.COM steps in.

Blake Griffin has missed a significant amount of time this year with a partially torn left quad, followed by a broken hand from punching a member of the Clippers training staff.  Most people would expect the value to shift to Paul Pierce, who replaced Griffin in the starting line up, but that isn’t the case. Paul Pierce is not where we have gained an advantage from the change to the Clippers’ lineup.


Let’s use NBAwowy to quantify the changes in production to the Clippers’ players with Griffin off the court.

First, select the team and date range (date range defaults to current season) and then select Blake Griffin in the off section.



We are now brought to a page displaying a number of offensive stats for Clippers players when Blake Griffin is off the court.  We can click the swap button to see comparable stats of Griffin on and off the court.

Now lets use NBAwowy to take a look at the difference between DeAndre Jordan and Chris Paul with Griffin on and off the court:



Both players’ usage rate saw a 3% increase with Griffin off of the court!


Moving on to the Fantasy tab. Now we can see exactly how this affects their fantasy point production.

This time we see a rise in both players’ fantasy point per minute production by 12%. That is HUGE!


It took most DFS sites at least a few games to account for these new production rates. In the meantime, Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan were massively undervalued. Situations like this are very common and taking advantage of them are key DFS success.

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