The Best MLB Lineup Optimizer Options and How to Use Them To Win

MLB Optimizer Guide

MLB Lineup Optimizers

A MLB Optimizer can be one of the most beneficial tools in a daily fantasy baseball player’s arsenal.  With a good baseball optimizer you can quickly find which players you want to target and then quickly generate any number of lineups that include those players.

The Best MLB Lineup Optimizers

While there’s many choices to choose from for lineup generator programs, we’ve gone ahead and selected the best of the best.  Our choices include products we’ve used ourselves and feel confident recommending you.

(Looking for general information on lineup optimizers for all sports?  Check out our full lineup optimizer guide here.)

1) Daily Fantasy Nerd

Daily Fantasy Nerd has been helping DFS players create lineups since 2015.  In this time, they’ve helped multiple daily fantasy players each win over $100, 000.  You can read some of the testimonials from their winners here.

Daily Fantasy Nerd’s MLB lineup optimizer supports lineup creation for DraftKings, FanDuel, and Yahoo contests.  Some features of their baseball lineup generator include detailed match up stats, award winning projections, Vegas lines and weather data, and batter stacking options.  With Daily Fantasy Nerd you can generate up to 150 lineups at once, based on the players and parameters you choose to include.

While the idea of using an optimizer may sound overwhelming, Daily Fantasy Nerd has created a clean, simple to use product that can allow anybody to create lineups like a professional.

Daily Fantasy Nerd offers three options for their premium optimizer product.  The monthly price for these packages are $24.99, $44.99, or $79.99.  Each package comes with a 7 day free trial and also includes use of their bankroll tracker, as well as access to their NFL, NBA, and NHL products.

If you’d like to learn more about Daily Fantasy Nerd, you can check out our general Daily Fantasy Nerd Review or you can go directly to Daily Fantasy Nerd to start your 7 day free trial here.

2) RotoQL rotoql mlb optimizer

RotoQL‘s DFS baseball lineup optimizer was created by number one ranked daily fantasy sports player, Saahil Sud (formerly known as maxdalury).  RotoQL users have combined to win over $5 million since RotoQL was launched in December of 2015.  The product aims to give DFS players a platform to create profitable lineups using their own research and strategies.

The RotoQL MLB optimizer features include advanced player stats, the ability to create lineups geared towards specific contest types (cash games vs gpp tournaments), and up to the minute gameday updates.  The baseball lineup generator can create up to 400 lineups insanely quickly for DraftKings, FanDuel, and Yahoo.

RotoQL is truly one of the most advanced MLB optimizers available to the public.  RotoQL lets you pick the right plan for you, with three packages at $29.99, $59.99, or $99.99.  With any of their paid plans, you also gain access to their NFL, NBA, and NHL products.  Check out our review of RotoQL or sign up to RotoQL Here.

OptimizerRatingBase PriceSite
DFNerd Lineup Optimizer Review5 Stars$24.99Visit DFN
5 Stars$29.99Visit RotoQL

Why you should use a MLB Lineup Optimizer for daily fantasy baseball

The answer to why you should use a MLB Optimizer is twofold.

Research Platform

The first reason you should use a lineup optimizer for MLB DFS is more for efficient research.  Perhaps more so than in any other daily fantasy sport, MLB DFS requires being able to quickly process data to make informed decisions.  As you probably know, baseball has become increasingly analytics based over the last 30 years.  As a daily fantasy baseball player this means you have a great deal of information to help you make informed decisions for what players you want to own in your lineups.

The MLB lineup generators we’ve listed provide you all the data you need, organized neatly in one place.  With one of these optimizers you can reduce your research time to a fraction of what you’d other wise spend.  This is particularly beneficial to non professional DFS players, who don’t have all day to spend researching players.

Lineup Creation

As I’m sure you know, a MLB lineup optimizer can help you more efficiently create any number of DFS lineups.  Let’s take a look at how lineup generators can help you make a few mlb lineups and how they can help you make 20, 50, or even 100+ lineups.

If you’re the type of DFS player who only likes to make one to a few lineups each day, a lineup optimizer can still help you create better lineups.  In addition to being a great tool to do research, as discussed above, an optimizer can help you easily organize your lineup and fill in players beyond your core.

Perhaps, through your research, you’ve narrowed down the pitcher(s) and a 3 stack of batters you want to have in your lineup, but are not sure how to make the pieces fit to fill out the remainder of your lineup.  Simply lock these players in, select the filters you want the remaining players to fall into, and let the lineup optimizer do the rest.  You now can guarantee the best bet of fitting in your core players, while filling in the remainder of your roster with great finishing pieces.

If you’re the other type of daily fantasy player, who likes to run a great deal of lineups (a technique often used in GPP tournaments), it’s nearly impossible to do this without a lineup optimizer.  With a MLB lineup optimizer you can select which players you want to include in your lineups, which players you want to exclude from your lineups, how many hitters you want to stack in each lineup, as well as many other filters.  You can then simply select the amount of lineups you wish to create, that will be built around the parameters you’ve set in place, and have your desired number of lineups created in seconds.

OptimizerRatingBase PriceSite
DFNerd Lineup Optimizer Review5 Stars$24.99Visit DFN
5 Stars$29.99Visit RotoQL

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