LINEUP BREAKDOWN: DraftKings’ $27 Mega Crossover Winner, March 4th

The Mega Crossover. $27 buy-in, $100,000 first prize.

crossover winning lu 3-5

Congrats to Draftkings user Gammagod for besting 21,286 players in the Mega Crossover to win $100,000! Now let’s break down the picks that led to Gammagod’s success.

Emmanuel Mudiay
There were two point guards at similar price tags to Mudiay who had much higher ownership percentages, Elfrid Payton (25%) and D’Angelo Russell (35.1%). Mudiay’s 48 FP was the best performance of the bunch, squeaking ahead of Payton’s 44.5 FP. Russell completely busted, scoring only 15 FP.

Mudiay had a prime match up against the Nets, who rank 26th in defensive efficiency against Point Guards. However, Mudiay is always a risky pick as Nugget’s Coach Michael Malone is quick to bench him when he’s performing poorly. This typically leads to lower ownership and creates a good opportunity to play Muiday in a tournament setting. Mudiay also had some added upside with Danilo Gallinari injured, leaving more offensive opportunities to the rest of the team.

Khris Middleton
Middleton faced off against the Timberwolves (23rd Defense vs SG) in a game with a Vegas total of 214. In addition, Middleton and Giannis Antetokounmpo (below) both benefit from Greg Monroe and Michael Carter-Williams’ recent move to the bench. Carter-Williams also sat this game out due to a knee injury, further benefitting Middleton and Antetokounmpo. Despite increased usage these players’ prices haven’t adjusted yet. This combined with the great match up led to both players being top picks on DraftKings.

Giannis Antetokumpo
Antetokumpo was the primary beneficiary from the Bucks’ lineup changes. Without Carter-Williams on the court he takes over much of the ball handling responsibility and this showed up tonight resulting in 12 assists and 17 field goal attempts. Like Middleton he faced a great match up vs 22nd defensive efficiency vs small forward defense in a game with a high total. All these factors lead to Antetokumpo being the second highest owned player behind Lebron James in this tournament.

Richaun Holmes
The match up against Miami is a poor one for Richaun Holmes(11th Defense vs PF), but with both Nerlens Noel and Jahlil Okafor ruled out, Holmes increase in minutes and responsibility would more than make up for the poor matchup. Although the minimum priced Holmes didn’t start, he did play 25 minutes, the second most of the big men filling in for the injured 76ers. Holmes is a typical “injury leading to good value” punt play and tonight he exceeded his projections making him an excellent source of salary relief.

Alex Len
Although Len was not the highest owned player in this tournament, he was the highest owned in cash games. Len was, for good reason, owned 73% in the DraftKings Big $50 Double Up. Since the All Star Break Len has seen a big increase in minutes as well as usage. The Suns’ new coach Earl Watson is featuring Len in their offense resulting in huge opportunities. Although the match was just average (13th Defense vs C), his salary had not caught up to the huge increase in offensive responsibility and minutes.

Kemba Walker
Like Alex Len there was nothing overwhelmingly alluring about Walker’s match up facing off against the Pacers(17th Defense vs PG and 7th overall team Defense). Unlike Len, Walker was priced appropriately, but Walker is a fantastic player who ranks 8th in usage among qualifying point guards and has the ability to flash upside in any match up. He’s always a viable tournament option and tonight his upside was put on display.

Paul George
Paul George has seen his production take a hit since Myles Turner moved into the Pacers’ starting lineup, but tonight Turner was replaced by the lower usage Soloman Hill. We saw a similar boost to Lebron James tonight with Kevin Love sitting out to rest, but George proved to be a great alternative who came with a much lower ownership percentage (14% compared to James’ 40.5%). George has similar upside to James and tonight it showed with him outscoring James by 14.5 FPs while boasting a $1,500 cheaper pricetag.

Jonas Valanciunas
Valanciunas faced off against a team who has struggled against centers all year(27th defense vs C). Along with the great match up, his price has dropped $1,100 over the last month despite little change to his role. This left him under priced and a nice cheap pick who came with low ownership and upside at his salary.


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