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Daily Fantasy Lineup Optimizer Guide

With new daily fantasy tools constantly being introduced, it can be tough to figure out which tools will help you succeed and which tools are just a waste of money.  One tool almost all successful recreational and professional players have in there arsenal is a lineup optimizer (sometimes called lineup generators).  In this guide guide we’ll break down and compare the features of our selected best lineup optimizers, but first we need to get into what a lineup optimizer is.

What is a Daily Fantasy Lineup Optimizer?

Fantasy optimizer tools are used by daily fantasy sports players to create lineup faster and more efficiently than manually creating them.  While features of lineup generators vary, all of them will allow you to input the specific settings you want for your lineup(s), then allow you to create your desired number of lineups that abide by these settings.

The Best DFS Lineup Optimizers

Of the huge number of lineup optimizers available for daily fantasy players, we’ve selected our top picks.

1) RotoQL

The site RotoQL was founded by the number one daily fantasy sports player Saahil Sud (formerly known as maxdalury).  He created RotoQL to help level the playing field between professional and casual daily fantasy players.  With the tools available in the RotoQL suite, including their innovative lineup optimizer, any DFS player can have the same access to the tools the Pros use.

RotoQL supports lineup creation for DraftKings, FanDuel, Yahoo, and Rosters.  The roto optimizer seems to have more features than any other optimizer available, including player insights, the ability to create multi lineup strategies, and being able to automatically import projections from the top sources in the industry.  It can be used to create lineups for NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and Golf contests.

RotoQL has 3 available premium plans, priced at $29.99, $59.99, and $99.99 per month.  You can learn more about RotoQL in our RotoQL Review or Get Started on RotoQL Today.

rotoql optimizer main review

2) Daily Fantasy NerdDaily Fantasy Nerd Lineup Optimizer Review

Daily Fantasy Nerd has offered a top DraftKings and FanDuel lineup optimizer since 2015.  In the 2+ years of Daily Fantasy Nerd’s existence, they’ve created a huge number of DFS success stories (some of which you can see here).  With multiple winners of over $100,000, you can be sure Daily Fantasy Nerd has the tools to help you win big.

With Daily Fantasy Nerds’s lineup optimizer you can create lineups for DraftKings, FanDuel, Fantasy Draft, and Yahoo.  It supports lineup creation for NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL contests.  The optimizer features a large number of player stats, Vegas odds and weather, incredibly detailed game logs, and industry leading projections.  In addition to their fantasy optimizer, you’ll also gain access to their custom bankroll tracker to help you analyze your daily fantasy results.  The bankroll tracker can help you analyze your results for all sports offered on previously mentioned DFS sites.

Daily Fantasy Nerd has 3 package options, allowing you to buy the package that suits your needs.  Premium plans are currently prices at $24.99, $44.99, and $79.99 per month.

You can learn more about Daily Fantasy Nerd in our DFN Review or Sign Up For Daily Fantasy Nerd Here.

daily fantasy nerd lineup optimizer

Our Top Rated Lineup Optimizers

OptimizerRatingBase PriceSite
DFNerd Lineup Optimizer Review5 Stars$24.99Visit DFN
5 Stars$29.99Visit RotoQL

Why should you use an Optimizer to create your lineups?

Lineup optimizers can be useful whether you’re looking to create one lineup, a few lineups, or even hundreds of lineups.

When creating cash game lineups, we typically recommend just creating one to two lineups per site on a given slate.  With a lineup generator you can lock in your top picks for the day and then use the generator to finish up your lineup.  It’s a great way to ensure that your favorite picks for the day make it into your lineup, while filling in the gaps with the remaining highest projected players.

In Guaranteed Prize Pool Tournaments (GPPs), you typically want to create as many lineups as your bankroll allows for.  There’s many ways to approach this using an optimizer.  You can lock in players you want in 100% of your lineups and let the optimizer do the rest.  You can set the exposure percentages you want to have of any player and the lineup optimizer will generate the number of lineups you want while capping your exposure to players at the percentages you select.  This means that if you input 80% for Lebron James, he will be in no more than 80% of your lineups.  The best approach in our opinion is to use a combination of the two methods to

Keep in mind generators have additional features like excluding players you don’t want in your lineups, stacking players, and limiting the number of players from one team.

The Benefits of Using Multiple Lineups In GPPs

The ability to run multiple lineups in Guaranteed Prize Pool tournaments is a controversial topic.  Many DFS players enjoy the fact that entering multiple lineups gives them a greater number of chances to take down a GPP.  On the other side of the argument there’s some recreational players, who feel like this give professional DFS players and unfair advantage, by giving them more chances to win than they have with their fewer entries.  Regardless of which side you’re on in this argument, the fact remains that both DraftKings and FanDuel’s flagship tournaments (like they’re biggest NFL contests) continue to be multi entry.

With a DFS lineup optimizer it gives you a chance to level the playing field.  No longer do you need a custom program to create multiple lineups, now you can find a great FanDuel or DraftKings lineup optimizer that’s readily available to everyone.  Rather than using a low number of lineups in higher buy in tournaments, you can now use more lineups in lower buy in tournaments.  This strategy comes with multiple advantages.

The biggest advantage to these strategies is using proper bankroll management.  Before lineup optimizers were so readily available, many DFS players felt compelled to use poor bankroll management.  For example, a player would choose to run 2 lineups in a $100 entry contest, rather than 20 lineups in a $10 entry contest.  By using the 20 lineup strategy a player decreases his variance and reduces there risk to ruin.  Even though we wish it was different, no matter what we do as DFS players, we’re sometimes going to have losing days sometimes.  When you have 20 lineups, instead of 2 lineups, you have a better chance to at least have some of your lineups win money on rough days.  This can turn what would have been losing days into break even days or even winning days.

Using a NFL Lineup Optimizer For Daily Fantasy Football

The most popular sport in the daily fantasy world is NFL Football.  Daily fantasy sites like DraftKings and FanDuel have rapidly grown in popularity by hosting tournaments like DraftKings Millionaire Maker, where the first place prize is $1 Million.  Each week both DFS giants host multiple tournaments with huge prizes up for grabs.  Many of these tournaments allow daily fantasy players to enter their contests multiple times.

Contestants in DraftKings Millionaire Maker are able to enter up to 150 entries into the contest.  Using a fantasy football lineup optimizer is one of the most efficient and effective ways to multi-enter these big NFL contests on DraftKings and FanDuel.  Now you can have a better chance of taking down a huge top prize, by using a NFL Optimizer to create more entries.

The Best Choices For a Fantasy Football Lineup Optimizer

OptimizerRatingBase PriceSite
DFNerd Lineup Optimizer Review5 Stars$24.99Visit DFN
5 Stars$29.99Visit RotoQL

Using a NBA Lineup Optimizer For Daily Fantasy Basketball

It’s safe to say Daily Fantasy Basketball is one of the most chaotic DFS sports to play.  Due to the high impact basketball puts on NBA players’ bodies, as well as the demanding NBA schedule, fantasy basketball has more last minute roster swaps than any other sport.  Having a good dfs basketball lineup optimizer in your arsenal can make a lot of the chaos more manageable.

While it’s highly beneficial to use one of these tools for one lineup, I’d say it’s downright necessary if you plan to run multiple DraftKings or FanDuel entries.  Rather than scrambling to manually edit every lineup your playing, you can just tweak the settings in your optimizer and mass edit your entries.  NBA fantasy optimizer features like “exclude player” and “lock player” can help you quickly change your NBA DFS plans.

Another great feature you can find in one of our top NBA optimizer options, is detailed player logs.  With a quick, easy to use source for player logs, you can see how players performed when one of their teammates missed a game.

The Best Choices For a NBA DFS Lineup Optimizer

OptimizerRatingBase PriceSite
DFNerd Lineup Optimizer Review5 Stars$24.99Visit DFN
5 Stars$29.99Visit RotoQL

Using a MLB Lineup Optimizer for Daily Fantasy Baseball

(For a more in depth look at MLB Lineup Optimizers, check out our MLB Optimizer Page)

Daily Fantasy Baseball is an incredibly fun and unique form of DFS.  In Baseball DFS, stacking hitters is a hugely important factor for daily fantasy success.  Hitters on the same team live and die together.  For example when the lead off hitter gets batted in by the cleanup hitter, both players score fantasy points.

A top baseball lineup optimizer can help you more easily stack hitters for your DraftKings and FanDuel contests.

The Best MLB Optimizer Options For DFS Baseball

OptimizerRatingBase PriceSite
DFNerd Lineup Optimizer Review5 Stars$24.99Visit DFN
5 Stars$29.99Visit RotoQL

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