FanDuel vs DraftKings: Which Daily Fantasy Site is Better?

fanduel vs draftkings which is better

FanDuel and DraftKings are the two largest and most well known daily fantasy sport sites. While there’s a few other decent options to play DFS, DraftKings and FanDuel are still way ahead of the rest of their competitors.  This leaves us with a simple question: FanDuel vs DraftKings, which daily fantasy site is better?

FanDuel vs DraftKings Sign Up Bonuses

Both sites offer promotional bonuses when you sign up and deposit, however Fanduel offers a more attractive bonus offer.  When you sign up and deposit on FanDuel you receive 5 separate free contest entries (note: you get 1 each week for 5 weeks).  On DraftKings you only get one free entry when you sign up and deposit.

fanduel vs draftkings

5 Free contest Ticket Entries

draftkings vs fanduel

1 Free Contest Ticket Entry

FanDuel and DraftKings Deposit and Withrawals

Both DraftKings and FanDuel offer the same deposit methods.  You can deposit with a credit card or by using PayPal.

When it comes time to withdraw your money, both sites offer withdrawals via PayPal or check.  However, DraftKings will refund your credit card first, up to any amount you’ve deposited with that credit card.  Here’s an example to explain this.  Let’s say you deposit $50 and then win $50 on DraftKings.  You decide to withdraw your now $100 DraftKings balance and choose the PayPal Option.  DraftKings would first refund your credit card $50, then send $50 to you via PayPal.

I could see the way DraftKings handles withdrawals being annoying to some people, so I’m again giving the leg up to FanDuel.

Please Note:  If your winnings exceed a certain amount, both sites require you to file a 1099-MISC tax from.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methodfanduel vs draftkings
Visit FanDuelVisit DraftKings
PayPal DepositsYesYes
Credit Card DepositsYesYes
Paypal WithdrawalsYesYes
Credit Card WithdrawalsNoDraftKings refunds the amount deposited with that card, then uses your selected method.
Check WithdrawalsYesYes

FanDuel vs DraftKings Sports Selection

The majority of the people reading this article are probably looking for a place to play daily fantasy NFL, NBA, MLB, NFL, Soccer, or Golf.  Both FanDuel and DraftKings offer contests for these sports.

If you’re looking looking to play daily fantasy MMA, eSports, CFL, or Nascar then you’ll want to try DraftKings.

Both sites offer the same contest types with similarly sized prize pools for the main DFS sports.  There’s not really much separating them in terms of this.  They also both regularly offer contests from $1 or less, and up to $10,600.

Sports Offeredfanduel vs draftkingsdraftkings or fanduel
Visit FanDuelVisit DraftKings

FanDuel vs DraftKings Scoring and Roster Requirements

Perhaps the biggest differences between the two daily fantasy sites is their scoring and roster requirements.

Differences in Scoring

DraftKings scoring system for most sports are generally more complex.  For example, in addition to crediting players fantasy points for things like touchdowns and yards, DraftKings also gives players bonuses for hitting specific milestones.  For their NFL contests, if a player rushes or receives more than 100 yards, they get a 3 point bonus.  There are scoring rules like this throughout almost all of the sports offered on DraftKings.

FanDuel on the other hand has a simpler scoring system without bonuses, more like what you’re probably used to in traditional fantasy sports.

I’m not going to say one is better than the other, it has more to do with personal preference.

Differences in Roster Requirements

Like the differences in scoring, DraftKings has a bit more complicated roster requirements than FanDuel.  DraftKings lineups for most sports require the use of partial flex or flex spots.  For example, in the NBA you choose 1 player from each of the 5 positions, then an additional guard (PG or SG), forward (SF or PF), and utility (any position).  FanDuel’s NBA on the other hand requires 2 PGs, 2 SGs, 2 SFs, 2 PFs, and a center.

Again, I don’t think you can say one is better than the other, it’s a matter of preference.

Which is Better, FanDuel or DraftKings?

In this comparison I’ve tried to show you what both FanDuel and DraftKings have to offer.  Both sites are great places to play daily fantasy sports and they each have their strong points.

FanDuel offers a better sign up bonus, arguably a better withdrawal policy, and their fantasy scoring and roster requirements are easier to understand.

DraftKings offers additional sports for those looking to play daily fantasy eSports, MMA, CFL, or Nascar.

With the facts of both sites presented to you, I’ll give my personal opinion which site I prefer.  I’ve played a great deal on both sites and personally I prefer FanDuel.  Playing FanDuel on both the desktop and mobile version offers a more user friendly and “cleaner” experience.  I prefer FanDuel’s scoring system, as I find it infuriating when getting leapfrogged by other players on DraftKings when a player they have gets a multiple point bonus.

With that said, I’ll leave you with my final ratings:

Rating Out of 5 Starsfanduel vs draftkingsdraftkings or fanduel
Visit FanDuelVisit DraftKings
Sign Up Bonus53
Contest Selection55
Sports Offered45
Scoring and Roster Requirements54.5
Deposits and Withdrawls54
App Functionality54.5
Site Functionality54.5
Average Raiting4.94.4
Visit FanDuelVisit DraftKings

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