5 DraftKings Tips For Winning Lineups

Here’s 5 Tips to help you become a winning Daily Fantasy Player on DraftKings

1. Know the Different Contest Types

It’s important to design your DraftKings lineups with a specific contest type in mind.  What is a winning strategy in one format, may be a losing strategy in another.  The main contest types are Tournaments (sometimes referred to as GPPS), Head to Heads, and Double Ups.

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In Tournaments, your goal is to create lineups that can score the highest of hundreds (or even thousands) of lineups.  This means you need to focus more on players’ potential upside, rather than their average projected performance.  Another goal is to pick players who will likely have a low ownership percentage among DraftKings’ field of players, because when that player has a big game you are one of the few people to benefit. It’s important to not take this piece of advice too far though. Just because someone will be low owned does not mean they will be a good play, the key is to balance projected upside with ownership percentage when making your picks.

If you’re interested in more consistent contest types, Head to Heads and Double Ups are a better option.  These contest types are often referred to as “Cash Games“.  In Cash Games the maximum you can win is roughly double your buy in.  In Cash Games you no longer need to beat a large field of players, you just need to be in the top half of the player pool. You need to be less concerned about a players upside and more concerned with the average performance they’ll achieve on a given day. A players’ consistency is the key to cash games.

2. Use Vegas Lines

Vegas lines are one of the best tools you can use for DraftKings MLB. Sportsbooks that set Vegas lines have countless tools at their disposal to predict outcomes of sporting events. It’s like these sportsbook operators are our own personal research firm!

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Moneylines, Spreads, Totals, and Player Props are the main bet lines we’re concerned with.  Moneylines and Spreads can help project which team is the favorite and by how much.  Totals indicate how many points or runs will be scored in a game, which helps project how many total fantasy points will be scored(the more runs projected the better!).  Player Props are good to project a players’ individual achievements in a game.

3. DraftKings Late Swap Feature

On most Daily Fantasy Sites you are unable to edit your lineup after the first game of the slate starts.  DraftKings allows users the ability to make “late swaps” for players’ whose games have not yet started, even after the slate starts. This may be the most obvious of our DraftKings Tips, but it is extremely important to take advantage of this feature.  I constantly see new players setting their lineups and not adjusting them later when more injury info becomes available.  Even the best lineups will often lose any shot at winning once one of it’s players puts up a zero.

4. Learn From Daily Fantasy Sports Professionals

This tip goes beyond the scope of a DraftKings Tips Article and can be applied to almost any skill you want to improve.  Until you are the best at something, you should always try to learn from the best.  In daily fantasy sports this can be done in a variety of ways.

The most obvious way is to study top daily fantasy players lineups. DFS winnings are not publicly available, but you can assume the DraftKings users who consistently play the highest stakes are winning players.  Look at their lineups and try to figure out why they’re choosing particular players.  If you do this successfully, you can start to model your strategy around theirs.

You should also try to read as much information as you can on daily fantasy sports.  Our Beginner Section and Free eBooks are great sources for getting started on your journey for specific sports.

(Find Out What Tools DFS Pros Are Using)

5. Don’t Risk More Than You Can Lose

If you’re reading this article, you likely want to grow a bankroll on DraftKings so that you can continuously win money from daily fantasy sports.  Assuming your investment is limited, you need to be careful with how much you risk on a daily basis.  If you play stakes too large for your bankroll, even if you’re making good lineups, a string of bad luck can easily bust your account.  For DraftKings beginners, I recommend never risking more than 5% of your DFS bankroll on any given day.  If you are not yet confident that you’re a winning player, you may even want to be more conservative.


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