DraftKings MLB Cheat Sheet: May 27th

How To Use This Cheat Sheet

The picks are broken up into two categories, cash game and tournament picks. Cash Game picks are our preferred picks for Head to Head and Double Up (50/50) contest types. These picks can also be used in Tournaments. The highlighted players are our favorite picks among the players we view as cash viable. Our Tournament picks are players we view as having the high upside it takes to win a tournament, but too risky or overpriced for Cash Games.

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In the near future we will be pairing our cheat sheets with an alert system to adjust our player selections as new information becomes available. This will allow us to keep you up to date with any changes we make to our player selections as confirmed lineups become available, weather changes, and Vegas lines move. As this system is not in place yet, it is your responsibility to keep up to date with any new information that becomes available. These cheat sheets were created early in the day to allow you as much time as possible to make your lineups, but this means the lineups and batting order used while making these picks were projected. Make sure your players are in the confirmed lineup! We also recommend sticking to players batting in the 1-4 (or 1-5) spots of the batting order, particularly in Cash Games, for reasons outlined here.

Cash Game Lineup Building Notes


At the time of writing this Bal@Cle and Pit@Tex have slight weather concerns.  CWS@KC has a large chance of thunderstorms throughout the day and you should definitely pay attention to that game’s weather.


Max Scherzer is our top projected pitcher, but we’re most likely going to save money with two of our cheaper highlighted options.  This should allow us more exposure to the Coors Field game.


Were fine with any of these three highlighted options.  Catcher has plenty of great options today, which is rare for the position.

First Base

Even at $5,500 Paul Goldschmidt projects as a strong value on a per dollar basis.  With a right on left match up and a run total over 5 runs, he’s a primary target of ours.  Joey Votto is a great alternative at a cheaper price tag.

Second Base

Second base lacks the depth we have at most positions today.  If hitting 2nd, DJ LeMahieu is far out in front as our primary target.


Shortstop is another position with few exciting options.  Villar stands out from the crowd.

Third Base

We prefer paying up at third base for Nolan Arenado, but David Freese is our favorite salary option if you go that route at 3B.


Carlos Gonzalez is a lock for us and our number one outfield priority.

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