DraftKings Review

DraftKings Review

As with all reviews I make on this site, the goal is to present an unbiased look into what makes Daily Fantasy Sites a good or bad place to play DFS.  I must admit though, that DraftKings is without a doubt my favorite place to play.  DraftKings has the widest variety of contests, the largest prize pools in the industry, and great customer support, but what really sets it apart for me is the easy to use functionality of the site.

I put in the majority of my DFS volume on DK, and this review of DraftKings will highlight all pros and cons from the perspective of an everyday player.

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draftkings desktop lobby

DraftKings.com Basic Information

  • Website: www.draftkings.com
  • DraftKings was founded in 2012 by Jason Robins, Matthew Kalish, and Paul Liberman.
  • Address: 225 Franklin Street, 26th Floor, Boston, MA, 02110
  • DraftKings has recently been valued at over $2 Billion.
  • Investors include the MLB, NHL, Fox, and multiple sports franchise owners.
  • One of the Top 2 Most Played Daily Fantasy Sites
  • 100% Legal
  • No promo code is required.
  • Get a FREE Contest Ticket when you sign up and your make first deposit!draft kings promo claim your free ticket no code needed


Deposits on DraftKings are simple!  You have the option to deposit by Credit Card, Debit Card, or PayPal. Deposits clear instantly and you can immediately begin playing after you’ve made your deposit.

visa mastercard discover badge american express paypal


Withdrawing from DraftKings is as simple as can be.  Withdrawal options include Paypal and Check and the minimum to withdraw is only $1.  If you made a deposit via credit card, your withdraw will be refunded to your credit card up to the amount you’ve deposited.  American users who win more than $600 per calendar year must fill out a 1099-MISC tax form.  In my experience withdrawals have been processed very fast, usually within 24 hours.



When it comes to contest offerings, DraftKings leads the Daily Fantasy Sports industry.  They offer daily fantasy contests for every major professional sports league in the United States,  some smaller professional leagues and even some eSports.  For each sport they offer a variety of contests with industry leading prize pools.

Prize Poolsdraftkings millionaire maker promo

In 2015, for less than a $30 entry fee, DraftKings made a new millionaire each week of the NFL regular season with their Millionaire Maker Contests.  Not only did the first place finisher win one million dollars, but thousands of other players were able to profit some amount in these contests.  The Millionaire Maker contests are indicative of the huge prizes available to be won on DraftKings.  In NBA and MLB contests, you can find tournaments that offer first place prizes of $5,000 or more every day and frequently these prizes reach as high as $100,000.

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Contests Types

DraftKings offers a huge variety of contest types to satisfy any DFS players’ desires. With contest buy ins ranging from as low as 25 cents to $10,000 it’s easy to find the best contest for you, no matter what your bankroll may be.

Guaranteed Prize Pool Tournaments (GPPs), like the Millionaire DraftKings Contest TypesMaker, give contestants a chance to win prizes hundreds or even tens of thousands of times bigger than their entry fee.  Each week of the NFL season and every day of MLB and NBA seasons you can enter these contests.  Typically 20% of the overall prize pool (all entry fees) are paid out to first place.  The remaining 80% of the prize pool is distributed among roughly the remaining top 20% of players.  The higher you finish, the more you win!

Head to Head contests pit two players against each other, with the winner taking down the entire prize pool.  You can either create a head to head contest and wait for an opponent to sit you or you can choose to sit someone who’s already created a contest.

Double Ups pay nearly the top half of players double their entry fee.  While the number of players in these contests vary, the maximum you can win never changes.  This means that there’s no benefit to finishing 1st over finishing 500th so long as both places are in the top half of all entries.  While the amount of potential return on your investment is less in double ups than in tournaments, you’re chances of winning are higher due to a larger percentage of the field being paid out.  You also still get the benefit of seeing how your lineup fairs against a large field of other players’ lineups.

Multipliers are similar to double ups, but instead you win a larger multiple of your buy in.  The most common multiplier contests pay triple or quintuple player’s entry fees. As you would expect, this means a lower percentage of the field is paid.

Satellites are tournaments where first place or a certain percentage of top finishers receive a contest ticket into a bigger tournament.  Satellites allow players who do not want to pay the full entry fee of a large contest a chance to win a “seat” into that contest.  Suppose you wish to play DraftKings $5,000 NFL Thunderdome, but you don’t have $5,000 to pony up for a DFS contest.  You could enter a $27 Satellite to this contest for a chance to win an entry ticket for the Thunderdome.

Beginner contests are a great way for new DFS players, or players trying a new sport, to compete only against other new players.  For each sport you’re allowed to play 50 beginner contests.  This is one of my favorite features of DraftKings, as it allows new players a place to test their drafting skills against softer competition.

Offered Sports

NFL football is the flagship sport for daily fantasy, but DraftKings offers contests for just about any sport you’d want to play.

DraftKings offers contest for the following sports:

  • NFL Football
  • NBA Basketball
  • MLB Baseball
  • NHL Hockey
  • Golf for a variety of leagues
  • Soccer for a variety of leagues
  • Golf for a variety of leagues
  • League of Legends

In most major sports you could literally enter hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of contests every day.  For the smaller sports, like Soccer and LoL, you can still find tens of thousands of dollars worth of contests to enter.  This is not to say that you need spend huge sums to enter contests, as you can enter for as little as $.25, but it demonstrates the huge number of different contests you could enter.

DraftKings Scoring

Another thing that sets DraftKings apart from other DFS sites is their unique fantasy scoring systems.  Their scoring systems are similar to what you’re used if you’ve ever played traditional fantasy sports, but most sports include scoring bonuses.  For example, in NFL contests Quarterbacks receive a 3 point bonus when they throw for 300 yards and in the NBA players receive 1.5 and 3 point bonuses for double-doubles and triple-doubles.  These bonuses reward players who play exceptional games and they add an additional strategy component to picking players.  You can view the scoring and bonuses for all DraftKings sports below:


As I mentioned at the start of this review of DraftKings, what really cements it as the best place to play daily fantasy sports is its functionality.  Both the desktop and mobile versions of the site have great features and are super simple to use.

DraftKings Desktop Site

The Desktop version of DraftKings allows you to easily select the type of contest you want to play.  From the lobby you’re able to filter for contests, search for contests, or create your own contests.  Available filters Review of DraftKings Lobby For Desktop Usersinclude:

  • Contest Type
  • Slate of Games
  • Entry Fee
  • Field Size
  • And More!




Creating Lineups

Creating Lineups is easy on DraftKings.  As you fill out your lineup, the lineup builder updates how much remaining salary and average remaining salary per player you have.  You can search for a particular player, filter by position, or even sort by players from a particular team.

creating a lineup


From the My Lineups section you’re able to create, upload, and edit lineups.  One great feature here is global player swap, where you can swap any particular player for another across all of your lineups.  This is perfect if a player you have in multiple lineups is a late scratch and you need to quickly swap in another player.

DK's My Lineups

The My Contests tab allows you to see your current winnings as well as access any of your upcoming, live, or past contests.

DraftKings Mobile App

The Lobby on the DraftKings Mobile App has nearly all the features of it’s desktop counterpart.  You can quickly find contest to join, set lineups, and then follow along with your contests.

draftkings mobile app lobby

Promotions and Rewards

DraftKings always has multiple promotions running in addition to their frequent player points (FPP) reward system.

World Championship Tournaments

For the 3 major US sports, DraftKings has World Championship Tournaments where first place can win $1,000,000+.  They run a series of qualifier tournaments leading up to the live finals.  You must win a qualifier to earn your ticket to compete for the huge prize pool of the World Championship Contests.  In 2015 Aaron “aejones” Jones won $5 Million in the largest daily fantasy contest to date.

ae jones 5 million qualifier

Flash Bonus

On Saturday’s DraftKings has flash bonus contests where contest tickets are added, increasing the prize pool.  In addition to normal winnings, players have a shot to win tickets!

draftkings flash bonus promo

Player Rewards Programcontest ticket for draft kings

For every dollar you enter into contests you earn Frequent Player Points (FPPs).  FPPs can be used in the DraftKings VIP store to buy Contest Tickets, DK Merchandise, and VIP Experiences.



Missions give players a chance to enter contests and earn extra FPPs.  When you enter a mission contest, you’ll receive bonus FPPs in addition to those you’d already earn for playing that contest!  Make sure to go back to your missions page to claim your reward after you’ve completed the mission.

Promo Code

DraftKings does not require a promo code to sign up.  You just have to sign up through any of the links on our site to get a FREE contest entry ticket!  This is the best promotion code available for DraftKings in the industry!  You must make your first deposit on DraftKings to receive your ticket and you can do so for as little as $1! 

dratkings promo code


I’ve had nothing but great experiences with DraftKings support. While I must admit it would be a plus if they offered chat support and a phone number, their email support is excellent!  Their support hours are from 6:00 AM EST – 12:00 PM Est.  In my experience they usually have gotten back to me within an hour and most of the time within minutes!

Is DraftKings Legal?

The short answer is YES, so long as you’re are not playing from a handful of blocked states.

There’s been much confusion over the legality of Daily Fantasy Sports, but DraftKings is compliant to United States federal law.  An amendment to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, passed in 2006, included “carve out” language that said “the law does not consider an online contest with pre-determined prizes, and an outcome based on skill that is ‘determined predominantly by accumulated statistical results of sporting events, including any on participant’s individual performances in such sporting events’, to be unlawful wagering”.

While DraftKings is considered legal under federal law because it is a “game of skill”, some individual states define it as gambling.  These states have taken steps to ban Daily Fantasy sites from operating within those states.  You are unable to play on DraftKings or any other DFS site if you live in New York, Nevada, Arizona, Montana, Louisiana, Iowa, and Washington.

If you have any concerns over playing on DraftKings it’s important to remember that even in states where DraftKings has been outlawed, such as New York and Nevada, individual DFS players were able to cash out their balances after DraftKings ceased operations in those states.

Disclaimer: We are not lawyers and cannot give legal advice.  If you wish to fully understand the legality of playing daily fantasy sports, including on DraftKings, please do your own research or contact an attorney.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to Daily Fantasy Sports sites DraftKings is leading the industry in nearly every category.

DraftKings Rating
  • Functionality
  • Contest Selection
  • Trustworthiness
  • Support
  • Mobile App
  • Promotioons


DraftKings is a great site to play Daily Fantasy Sports!


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