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Daily Fantasy Nerd Logo 150Daily Fantasy Nerd was created in early 2015 to help give daily fantasy players an edge over their opponents.  While Daily Fantasy Nerd (DFN) has been around longer than some of it’s competitors, they’ve continued to add new and innovative features to cement themselves as a top DFS Tool.  In this Daily Fantasy Nerd Review, we’ll show you all of the features that make DFN one of the best daily fantasy sports tools on the market.

(Daily Fantasy Nerd Is Offering a 7 Day Free Trial For All of Their Premium Packages)

Daily Fantasy Nerd Lineup Optimizer

Perhaps the most powerful tool on Daily Fantasy Nerd, is their lineup optimizer.  The lineup optimizer can be used to create up to 150 daily fantasy lineups for all 4 major sports on DraftKings, FanDuel, Fantasy Draft, and Yahoo.

Regardless of the number of lineups you’re trying to make, whether it be 1 or a 150, Daily Fantasy Nerd’s lineup optimizer is a useful tool.  On the optimizer you’ll find player statistics, Vegas lines, weather, detailed player logs, opponent match up grades, and custom projections.


daily fantasy nerd lineup optimizer review
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Vegas Lines

DFN’s Vegas lines can be an incredibly useful tool to daily fantasy sports players.  You can learn more about using Vegas Lines in DFS here.  For example, in this day’s Vegas line data, you can see that the MIN@DEN and LAL@PHO games are expected to be very high scoring and close games.  Targeting players in these games could be a very worth while strategy.

daily fantasy nerd vegas lines

Player Logs

If you click on any player’s name on the optimizer, a detailed game log report pops up.  You’re able to see historical price, player stats, minutes played, and past fantasy production for every game of the current and last seasons.

player log on daily fantasy nerd
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Opponent Grades

Next to every player on Daily Fantasy Nerd’s lineup optimizer, you’re given detailed statistics of their opponents.  For example, on the NBA page you can see the opposing team’s pace, defensive efficiency, and a fantasy defense vs position stat.

daily fantays


Each player on DFNs lineup optimizer also has projected minutes and fantasy points.  I’ve personally found their projections to be very accurate for all sports, and the data backs this up.  Daily Fantasy Nerd was ranked #1 in accuracy for the 2016 NFL season by Daily Overlay.

See Daily Fantasy Nerd In Action

Bankroll Tracker

Daily Fantasy Nerds Bankroll Tracker allows you to see detailed reports of your past daily fantasy contests.  The bankroll tracker works for every fantasy sport offered by DraftKings, FanDuel, and Yahoo.

daily fantasy nerd
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Summary Section

In the top left section you’re able to see overall stats like number of entries, win rate, entry fees, winnings, profit, and ROI.  These stats can be filtered by DFS site, sport, and dates.

dfn bankroll tracker summary


The chart section allows you to see graphs of the following for your DFS contest history.

  • Cumulative Profit
  • Your Score
  • Winning Score
  • Finish
  • Win Rate
  • Entry Fees
  • Winnings

Detailed Reports

At the bottom of the Daily Fantasy Nerd Bankroll Tracker you’re able to see detailed reports for exactly how you’ve performed in a variety of contest types, contest sizes, and entry fees.

dfn dfs reports
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Premium Plans

Daily Fantasy Nerd offers 3 monthly subscription plans, all of which include a 7 day free trial.  Plans are priced at $24.99, $44.99, and $79.99 per month.  With the 3 pricing options, you can find the version of Daily Fantasy Nerd that fits your DFS needs.


Hopefully our Daily Fantasy Nerd Review has helped you to see everything DFN has to offer.  Their lineup optimizer and bankroll tracker are some of the most beneficial and easiest to use DFS tools on the market.

Start Crushing Your Daily Fantasy Contests With Daily Fantasy Nerd (7 Day FREE Trial).

Daily Fantasy Nerd
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