Daily Fantasy Baseball Contest Types

Daily Fantasy Baseball Contest Types

In MLB DFS there are two general types of contests, cash games and GPPs tournaments.  The biggest difference is, in cash games you usually only have to beat 50% of the field, while in GPPs roughly 20% of the field is paid in a ladder structure.  50/50 (Double Up) contests, which pay out double the buy in to the top half of the field, are a staple for anyone trying to grind a consistent profit overtime.  Gpps come with a lot more variance, but can also be a very profitable way to win money at daily fantasy baseball.

Different Lineups for Different Contest Types

The roster construction for each contest type is drastically different.  In cash games you are going to want to maximize your floor projections.  Essentially, in cash games this means playing safer.  Paying up for safer pitchers and going more “chalky” with the rest of your lineup is the route to use knowing you only need to beat 50% of the field to cash across the board.  You shouldn’t get too cute in cash games, play the best logical plays across the board.  Ownership doesn’t matter nearly as much in cash games as it does in GPPs.

(You can learn more about the basics of cash games, in our Introduction to Cash Games article)

In a GPP setting, it’s all about taking risks and differentiating to maximize your ceiling.  In order to be successful as a GPP player, you are going to have to find lower owned players, use guys in tougher match ups and roll the dice more to take down a huge prize.  For example, you may want to fade stacking hitters from the “chalkiest” team and go with a secondary stack, in order to differentiate yourself from the field.  GPPs naturally carry more night to night variance, a score that may cash in a 50/50 contest might not be anywhere near the cash line in a GPP.

(Learn more about GPPs in Our Introduction to GPPs article)

Once you establish your risk tolerance it will be easier to determine if you want to be a grinder through cash games, using the majority of your stake in double ups or 50/50 leagues, versus being a GPP player with more risk night in night out.  If you don’t mind grinding a profit overtime and are patient enough cash games will be a steady bankroll at a fairly predictable pace.  If you are strictly a GPP player you will generally have bankroll swings and need to be more precise with managing your bankroll over time.

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