300+ Funny Fantasy Football Team Names For 2017

dez dispenser fantasy team name

300+ Fantasy Football Team Names

As the 2017 NFL season gets closer there’s a lot of work for fantasy football players to get done.  The time has come to follow transactions, research fantasy rankings, look ahead to bye weeks, and practice with mock drafts.  In such a chaotic time of your life, we’re here to remind you of the most important part of fantasy football, having the best fantasy football team name in your league.

Okay, maybe having the best fantasy team name isn’t the MOST important thing in fantasy football, but it is one thing you can fully control in fantasy football.  While you may do poorly in your draft or have your star players get injured early in the season, you’ll always have your fantasy team name.  For this reason we want to help you have a great team name this year.

We’ve created and found hundreds of fantasy football team names to choose from.  This list includes fantasy team names related to every NFL team.  In the table below you can sort by player names or by NFL teams.  You can also search for specific players and teams in the top right search bar.

When coming up with fantasy football team names, certain players have names better suited to play off.  For example we have more fantasy team name suggestions for Dez Bryant (Dezed and Confused, Dez Dispenser, Dez Nuts, etc.) than we do for A.J. Green.

Although some players names are easier than others, we’ve still made sure to include fantasy names related to all 32 NFL teams.  We’re working to have fantasy team names related to at least all of the skill players, from every team.  That being said, some names are hard to work off, so sadly some of these aren’t the most clever fantasy football names.  Some of these names will be positive towards the players they’re playing off, while some will be the opposite.

Hopefully this list of fantasy team names helps you find a great team name to use this year or at least sparks some creativity for you to create your own hilarious fantasy team name.  If you have any suggestions for us to add to the list, tweet them to us here:

Complete List of Fantasy Football Team Names Sorted By Team

You can sort or search the table by both player/coach name and NFL team.  To check out some more fantasy football team names, that aren’t associated with any player or team, check out the list below this table.  Please enjoy our list of hilarious , clever (well, we tried our best), and sometimes vulgar fantasy team names.

Fantasy Football Team NamesPlayer/Coach ReferencedNFL Team
Make It BlaineBlaine Gabbert49ers
Dr. Jekyll And Carlos HydeCarlos Hyde49ers
Hyde And SeekCarlos Hyde49ers
There's Nowhere To HydeCarlos Hyde49ers
Moe, Kerley, and ShempJeremy Kerley49ers
Reid It And WeepEric Reed49ers
The Alshon JoffreysAlshon JeffreyBears
Jay MarriageJay CutlerBears
UnCutlerJay CutlerBears
Chicken CutlerJay CutlerBears
Kevin White WalkersKevin WhiteBears
Ditka Your ButkusMike DitkaBears
Ditkas Out For HarambeMike DitkaBears
Da Bear NecessitiesBears
Jordan's Howhard?Jordan HowardBears
A.J.s Are Better Than B.J.sA.J. GreenBengals
I'm Going Green This YearA.J. GreenBengals
Dalton AbbeyAndy DaltonBengals
Head For The HillsJeremy HillBengals
EifertedTyler EifertBengals
It Ertz When I EifertTyler EifertBengals
The Eifert TowerTyler EifertBengals
The Burfict TeamVontaze BurfictBengals
The Cincinnati HarambesBengals
I Got A.J.s, B.J.s, and C.J.s This SeasonA.J. Green/C.J. AndersonBengals
Don't Play McCoy With MeLesean McCoyBills
Hackfields and MccoyLesean McCoyBills
Let's Hear It For McCoyLesean McCoyBills
Slim ShadysLesean McCoyBills
Grab Them By The PercyPercy HarvinBills
Lord Have PercyPercy HarvinBills
Percy WhippedPercy HarvinBills
Eat Your ReggiesReggie BushBills
Reggie's Hairy BushReggie BushBills
Hammy WatkinsSammy WatkinsBills
IBM WatkinsSammy WatkinsBills
Samwell Tarley WatkinsSammy WatkinsBills
Taylor Park BoysTyrod TaylorBills
Tyrod LannisterTyrod TaylorBills
Tyrod Taylor GangTyrod TaylorBills
Kill BillsBills
Eat Your BrocliBrock OsweilerBroncos
Demaryius TargaryenDemaryius ThomasBroncos
Demaryius Thomas The Tank EngineDemaryius ThomasBroncos
The Age Of DemaryiusDemaryius ThomasBroncos
Colonel SandersEmmanuel SandersBroncos
Use the Forsett LukeJustin ForsettBroncos
Von Miller HighlifeVon MillerBroncos
I Got A.J.s, B.J.s, and C.J.s This SeasonC.J. Anderson/A.J. GreenBroncos
C.Jay AjaydersonC.J. Anderson/Jay AjayiBroncos
Counting CrowellsIsaiah CrowellBrowns
Don't Be Haden On The BrownsJoe HadenBrowns
Brown Out DrunkBrowns
If It's Brown, Flush It DownBrowns
Martin ScoresEasyDoug MartinBuccaneers
Jacquizz'd In My PantsJacquizz RodgersBuccaneers
All I Do Is WinstonJameis WinstonBuccaneers
When I Win I'll Be JameisJameis WinstonBuccaneers
You Winston And You Lose SomeJameis WinstonBuccaneers
Magic MikeMike EvansBuccaneers
Stairway To EvansMike EvansBuccaneers
Carson Don’t Palmer There!Carson PalmerCardinals
Check Out My JohnsonDavid JohnsonCardinals
Show Me Your FitzLarry FitzgeraldCardinals
Giving Other Teams FitzLarry FitzgeraldCardinals
The Wreck Of The Larry FitzgeraldLarry FitzgeraldCardinals
Morning WoodheadDanny WoodheadChargers
On Her Brees For WoodheadDanny WoodheadChargers
Melvin and the ChipmunksMelvin GordonChargers
Are You Smellin What I'm MelvinMelvin GordonChargers
Cry Me A RiversPhilip RiversChargers
All About the BenjaminsTravis BenjaminChargers
All In On AllenKeenan AllenChargers
Keenan and OdellKeenan Allen/Odell Beckham Jr.Chargers/Giants
Maclin On Your GirlJeremy MaclinChiefs
Release The MaclinJeremy MaclinChiefs
My Team's A-WareSpencer WareChiefs
One Tyreek HillTyreek HillChiefs
Go Luck YourselfAndrew LuckColts
Pressing My LuckAndrew LuckColts
Two Buck LuckAndrew LuckColts
Moncrief CouselingDonte MoncriefColts
PokeMoncriefDonte MoncriefColts
T.Y. For The Easy WinT.Y. HiltonColts
Hilton AheadT.Y. HiltonColts
Dak In A BoxDak PrescottCowboys
Dak To The FutureDak PrescottCowboys
Dez DespenserDez BryantCowboys
Dez NutzDez BryantCowboys
Dezed And ConfusedDez BryantCowboys
Dezignated DriversDez BryantCowboys
Final DeztinationDez BryantCowboys
The Grateful DezDez BryantCowboys
The Walking DezDez BryantCowboys
Freaks and ZekesEzekiel ElliotCowboys
From A to ZekeEzekiel ElliotCowboys
Let's Get PhyZekielEzekiel ElliotCowboys
Zeke and DestroyEzekiel ElliotCowboys
Witten In The StarsJason WittenCowboys
RomocopTony RomoCowboys
The RomosexualsTony RomoCowboys
DeVante's InfernoDevante ParkerDolphins
Dirty LandryJarvis LandryDolphins
Suh Ladies?Ndamukong SuhDolphins
Tannesaurus RexRyan TannehillDolphins
King Of The TannehillRyan TannehillDolphins
How Ajayi Can My Team Fly?Jay AjayiDolphins
Jay Getting AjayiJay AjayiDolphins
C.Jay AjaydersonJay Ajayi/C.J. AndersonDolphins
Wentz Upon a TimeCarson WentzEagles
Chip Kelly's Spread EaglesChip KellyEagles
Ronk n' SprolesDarren SprolesEagles
Tootsie SprolesDarren SprolesEagles
Notorious DGBDorial Green-BeckhamEagles
Nelson AgHodorNelson AgholorEagles
It Ertz When I EifertZach ErtzEagles
My BallZach ErtzZach ErtzEagles
That Ertz My FeelingsZach ErtzEagles
The Ertz LockerZach ErtzEagles
It's Always Runny In PhiladelphiaEagles
Devonta Come Back To My PlaceDevonta FreemanFalcons
Devonta's InfernoDevonta FreemanFalcons
Land Of The FreemanDevonta FreemanFalcons
Game of JonesJulio JonesFalcons
Horton Hears A JulioJulio JonesFalcons
The Play Book Of EliEli ManningGiants
For Whom Odell TollsOdell Beckham JrGiants
OBJYNOdell Beckham JrGiants
Odell No!Odell Beckham JrGiants
We at the Hotel, Odell, Holiday InnOdell Beckham JrGiants
Odell's BellsOdell Beckham Jr.Giants
Keenan and OdellOdell Beckham Jr/Keenan AllenGiants/Chargers
Hurns NoticeAllen HurnsJaguars
It Hurns!Allen HurnsJaguars
Blake Lives MatterBlake BortlesJaguars
Bortle KombatBlake BortlesJaguars
Teenage Mutant Ninja BortlesBlake BortlesJaguars
Turn Your Head When You're CoughlinTom CoughlinJaguars
God Hates JagsJaguars
All In On AllensAllen Hurns/Allen RobinsonJaguars
All In On AllensAllen Robinson/Allen HurnsJaguars
Erect DickerEric DeckerJets
The Upper DeckersEric DeckerJets
Edward Forte HandsMatt ForteJets
Forte Shades of GrayMatt ForteJets
Forte Year Old VirginMatt ForteJets
Sip'n On FortesMatt ForteJets
WD ForteMatt ForteJets
Winning Is My ForteMatt ForteJets
I Got 99 Problems, But a Fitz Aint OneRyan FitzpatrickJets
Boldin On For Dear LifeAnquan BoldinLions
Golden TaintGolden TateLions
Golden Tate ShowersGolden TateLions
Golden Tate WarriorsGolden TateLions
Game of JonesMarvin JonesLions
Stafford InfectionMatthew StaffordLions
Stafford OakmontMatthew StaffordLions
Armed RodgeryAaron RodgersPackers
Mr. Rodgers NeighborhoodAaron RodgersPackers
Calvin and CobbsRandall CobbPackers
Corn On The CobbRandall CobbPackers
Slob On My CobbRandall CobbPackers
Fudge PackersPackers
Pounding JordiesJordy NelsonPackers
Devante's InfernoDevante AdamsPackers
Cam WowCam NewtonPanthers
Cams FamCam NewtonPanthers
Green Eggs and CamCam NewtonPanthers
Teenage Newton Ninja TurtlesCam NewtonPanthers
Wham, Bam, Thank you Cam!Cam NewtonPanthers
The Greg Olsen TwinsGreg OlsenPanthers
All About the BenjaminsKelvin BenjaminPanthers
The Curious Case Of Kelvin BenjaminKelvin BenjaminPanthers
Ginn and JuiceTed GinnPanthers
Belicheck Yo SelfBill BelichickPatriots
Belichick Please!Bill BelichickPatriots
Amendola BillzDanny AmendolaPatriots
Ladies And EdelmanJulian EdelmanPatriots
BadonkagronkRob GronkowskiPatriots
Gronk If You're HornyRob GronkowskiPatriots
Gronkey KongRob GronkowskiPatriots
It's A Hard Gronk LifeRob GronkowskiPatriots
Make America Gronk AgainRob GronkowskiPatriots
The Big GronkowskiRob GronkowskiPatriots
Gronkytonk BadonkadonkRob GronkowskiPatriots
A Dingo Ate By BrazyTom BradyPatriots
Bare Naked BradysTom BradyPatriots
Brady And The TrampsTom BradyPatriots
Here's My Number, So Call Me BradyTom BradyPatriots
The Brady BunchTom BradyPatriots
The MasterdeflatorsPatriots
Brandon's CookingBrandon CookPatriots
All In On AllenDwayne AllenPatriots
Amari 2600Amari CooperRaiders
Cooper TroopersAmari CooperRaiders
Super Amari BrosAmari CooperRaiders
That's AmariAmari CooperRaiders
Make AmariCarr Great AgainAmari Cooper/Derrick CarrRaiders
Michael's CrabtreeMichael CrabtreeRaiders
Jacking GoffJared GoffRams
A Gurley Has No NameTodd GurleyRams
Gurley FriesTodd GurleyRams
Gurleys Gone WildTodd GurleyRams
The Gurley GatesTodd GurleyRams
The Curious Case Of Benjamin WatsonBenjamin WatsonRavens
Flacco SeagullsJoe FlaccoRavens
Frosted FlaccosJoe FlaccoRavens
Waka Flacco FlameJoe FlaccoRavens
The Force AikensKamar AikenRavens
You Can't ReedJordan ReedRedskins
Cheaper By The CousinsKirk CousinsRedskins
Captain Kirk CousinsKirk CousinsRedskins
Game of JonesMatt JonesRedskins
The Washington ForskinsRedskins
Reed It And WeepJordan ReedRedskins
Kelling ItRobert KelleyRedskins
Five Fleener Death PunchCoby FleenerSaints
Brees NutsDrew BreesSaints
Breesing to the ChampionshipDrew BreesSaints
Grilled Brees SandwhichDrew BreesSaints
On Her Brees For WoodheadDrew BreesSaints
Pimpin Aint BreezyDrew BreesSaints
The Brees KneesDrew BreesSaints
Measure IngramsMark IngramSaints
Ingram ToenailsMark IngramSaints
You've Got What I SneadWillie SneadSaints
New Orleans TaintsSaints
Michael Thomas The Tank EngineMichael ThomasSaints
Magic MichaelMichael ThomasSaints
The Blair Walsh ProjectBlair WalshSeahawks
Grahamas BoyJimmy GrahamSeahawks
InstaJimmyGrahamJimmy GrahamSeahawks
Every Day I'm Russell'nRussell WilsonSeahawks
Russell And FlowRussell WilsonSeahawks
Russell'n My JimmiesRussell WilsonSeahawks
Wilson!Russell WilsonSeahawks
Great Rawls Of FireThomas RawlsSeahawks
Rawls Of FuryThomas RawlsSeahawks
Rawls RoycesThomas RawlsSeahawks
Pop it and LockettTyler LockettSeahawks
I'm BaldwinningDoug BaldwinSeahawks
Scoreless In SeattleSeattle
Antonio Brown BeltAntonio BrownSteelers
Brown Out DrunkAntonio BrownSteelers
The Brown NoteAntonio BrownSteelers
What Can Brown Do For YouAntonio BrownSteelers
Ben RapeLessBergerBen RoethlisbergerSteelers
Darrius Haram-BeyDarrius Heyward-BeySteelers
Saved By The BellLe'Veon BellSteelers
Le'Veon A PrayerLe'Veon BellSteelers
Le'Veon La Vida LocaLe'Veon BellSteelers
Martavis Rent-A-CarMartavis BryantSteelers
DeAndre Duke NukemDeAndre HopkinsTexans
It's Got A Lot Of Hop-kinsDeAndre HopkinsTexans
J.J. S.W.A.T.TJ.J. WattTexans
That's Watt I'm Talking AboutJ.J. WattTexans
Turn Down For WattJ.J. WattTexans
Insane Clowney PosseJadeveon ClowneyTexans
Robert Clowney Jr.Jadeveon ClowneyTexans
The LamartianLamar MillerTexans
30 Second To LamarsLamar MillerTexans
Wilfork For FoodVince WilforkTexans
Delanie SkywalkerDelanie WalkerTitans
Delanie Walker, Titans RangerDelanie WalkerTitans
Demarco PoloDemarco MurrayTitans
Murray!Demarco MurrayTitans
Domo Arigato, Marcus MariotaMarcus MariotaTitans
Marcus MariYodaMarcus MariotaTitans
Super Mariota BrosMarcus MariotaTitans
The Mariota HotelMarcus MariotaTitans
Shut The SuccopRyan SuccopTitans
Adrian BeatHerSonAdrian PetersonVikings
Check Out My PetersonAdrian PetersonVikings
Yo Adrian, I Did It!Adrian PetersonVikings
Inglorious BradfordsSam BradfordVikings
Diggs out for HarambeStephon DiggsVikings
Forgetting Brandon MarshallBrandon Marshall
Do Us All A Favre And RetireBrett Favre
Busta Kaep In Your AssColin Kaepernick
Kaeptain CrunchColin Kaepernick
Eddie's Lacy UnderwearEddie Lacy
Charles In ChargeJamaal Charles
Gotta Catch JamaalJamaal Charles
Go Jamaal The WayJamaal Charles
James Starks of WinterfellJames Starks
Say My NamathJoe Namath
Johnny ManzierJohnny Manziel
Manziel In DistressJohnny Manziel
Mike Vick In A BoxMichael Vick
Montee Python and the Holy GrailMontee Ball
Beats Byy RayRay Lewis
Beats By RayRay Lewis
No Pryor KnowledgeTerrelle Pryor
Tebows before HoesTim Tebow
The Big TebowskiTim Tebow
White WelkersWes Welker

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More Funny Fantasy Football Team Names

While these team names aren’t necessarily specific to any players or teams, we still think they’re great choices.

  • I Touchdown There
  • Multiple Scoregasms
  • Show Me Your TDs
  • Look At Those TDs
  • Ed Hercules
  • Bill Cosby’s Sleeprs
  • A Team Has No Name
  • Professor Fumbledore
  • Rudolph The Redzone Reindeer
  • The Goodell, The Bad, and The Ugly

Game of Thrones Fantasy Football Names

Here’s some of our favorite Game of Thrones themed fantasy football team names.

  • The Alshon Joffreys
  • Kevin White Walkers
  • Samwell Tarley Watkins
  • Tyrod Lanister
  • Demaryius Targaryen
  • James Starks of Winterfell
  • A Team Has No Name

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