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Introduction to GPP Tournaments

The first Daily Fantasy contest I ever entered was the DraftKings Millionaire Maker.  It Is the biggest GPP that runs regularly on DraftKings where you can turn $20 into $1,000,000.  This potential for tremendous profit relative to your buy in is incredibly appealing to both recreational players and sharks.  The …

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Variance in Cash Games vs GPPs

Tournaments are by far the most popular DFS contest format.  The seduction of being able to profit hundreds or even thousands of times what you initially invested is hard to pass up for both casual players and sharks.  Due to their appeal to the casual player, these contests often have …

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How to Use NBAWOWY to Account for Injuries

NBA Daily Fantasy is all about value.  Imagine if the same team played against the same opponent every day, using the same players. If you’re thinking “That sounds boring as shit”, I don’t blame you. However, from a fantasy prospective, that would provide us with a VERY reliable data sample. Back to reality, the NBA has …

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Introduction to Cash Games

It’s difficult to not get caught up in the dream of winning a big DFS tournament, but when trying to build your bankroll consistency is key.  By their nature tournaments have much greater volatility than cash games.  In cash games around 50% of the field is paid while in tournaments …

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Introduction to Daily Fantasy Sports

Believe it or not, you can make money watching sports. In this article we’ll run down the VERY basics of Daily Fantasy Sports.  If you have played traditional fantasy sport formats, such as season long leagues, it should be a pretty easy transition to DFS.  Let me fill you in …

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DraftKings Baseball Strategy

DFS STRATEGY's DraftKings Baseball Strategy

When deciding your DraftKings baseball strategy, it’s important to analyze the DraftKings scoring system.   First we’ll take a look at batters.  You need to know what makes a successful DraftKings hitter, before you can attempt to select one. DraftKings Batter Scoring: Single = +3 PTs Double = +5 PTs Triple …

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