5 Batting Stats You Need to Know for Daily Fantasy Baseball

Stats to lead you to the right bats

With the MLB season only 2 weeks away, here’s 5 stats you need to use when selecting batters for your Daily Fantasy lineups.  When using batting stats, remember to always look at the player’s stats for the pitching split he’s facing.

1. wOBA – Weighted On Base Average is one of the most comprehensive stats for determining a player’s offensive value.  Both hitting power and a player’s ability to get on base are taken into account with wOBA, making it similar to On Base Plus Slugging (OPS).  wOBA improves upon OPS by appropriately weighting each aspect of hitting to their actual run value.  Use wOBA to get the most accurate overall representation of how a player’s performed hitting when analyzing players.

2. ISO Isolated Power demonstrates a hitter’s power by subtracting Batting Average from Slugging Percentage.  ISO shows how many extra bases a player averages per at bat.  Because DFS scoring is so beneficial for power hitters, it’s typically good to target players with high ISO statistics.

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3. BABIP – Batting Average on Balls in Play shows batting average for just the balls a hitter has managed to put into play (does not include home runs).  BABIP can help you determine how ‘lucky’ a batter has been when he’s put the ball into play.  Over the last 5 years MLB league average BABIP is .297. When a if a player has a much higher BABIP than .297 you can assume he’s been fortunate with where the balls he put into play traveled.  If a player’s BABIP is much lower than .297 you can assume this player has been unfortunate, like when a scorching line drive is hit right to the pitcher and caught.  If a player has a high BABIP in the short term, it’s possible he’s overpriced due to his recent performance. Conversly if his short term BABIP is low he may be under priced for his true batting ability.

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4. HR/FB – Home Run to Fly Ball Rate is another statistic that can help demonstrate how ‘lucky’ a player has been recently.  If a player has a high HR/FB rate over a small sample compared to his historical rates, it’s likely he’s been fortunate with his contact recently.  If a player’s recent HR/FB rate is low compared to his historical rates it’s likely he’s been unfortunate with his contact.  Similar to BABIP, recent highs in HR/FB can lead to players being overpriced, while recent lows in HR/FB can lead to players prices dipping creating value.

5. SB/G – Stolen bases per game is exactly what it says.  While this isn’t exactly a ‘batting stat’ it can be beneficial selecting batters who have the ability to steal bases. DraftKings has changed their rules so players no longer lose points when caught stealing, causing a sharp rise in value for serial base stealers. Players with wheels can provide extra upside giving them a way to score even more fantasy points once on base.


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